Business Development

Proprietary Drug

Discovery Program

Asset Development Plan

Biophagy is screening its patented compounds in a variety of important disease indications to evaluate structure-activity relationships and develop leads. Initial work has focused on in vitro models; however, we expect to advance to in vivo evaluation followed by lead identification and pre-clinical evaluation. Biophagy is seeking partnerships with investors or other pharmaceutical companies to help advance these goals.

Acquiring IP

Biophagy’s corporate mission includes the acquisition of additional intellectual property in autophagy. The company will acquire unique screening libraries with autophagy potential plus patents and technologies covering in vitro and in vivo screens.

Partnering Expectations

Biophagy will partner with a large/mid-sized pharma company having expertise in one or more of its targeted disease areas. Together we will develop Biophagy’s lead(s) into pharmaceutical products, either as primary therapies or therapeutic adjuncts to the standard of care.